In the loud haze of 2005, two friends, Chris Gonda and Aaron Willschick, were driven by a love for LOUD music and a dissatisfaction with the status quo. What began as a simple drunken idea and a stagnating socio-political website morphed into PureGrainAudio, launched with 58 monthly visitors (most likely friends and family).

But they were relentless, not bound by numbers but fueled by passion. Growth, partnerships, and new opportunities blossomed, and PureGrainAudio slowly carved a niche as a haven for all things heavy music. The serendipitous digital meeting with Graham Finney, a gifted writer and photographer, in 2014 led to the integration of PlanetLoud.tv and set a pattern of growth, encompassing Lithium Magazine in 2016 and BrokenAmp.com in 2018.

But it didn't stop there. 2019 saw a new horizon with the launch of Sax&Violins, V13.ca, and MaxMuzik.com, expanding the embrace to genres like Classical, Jazz, Blues, Electronica, and Dance. And finally, it all culminated in V13 Media, an all-encompassing home for music, film, TV, documentaries, pop culture, and socio-political stories.

Led by Christopher Gonda (CEO/Publisher), Aaron Willschick (President/Editor-In-Chief), Graham Finney (Vice-President/Associate Editor), and the latest addition, Lance Marwood (Director of Communications), V13 Media has become a consolidation of passions, voices, and creativity. Here, writers and photographers from around the globe converge, free to explore what means the most to them.

18+ years of hard work, innovation, hustle, and perseverance have etched our mark in the industry. We wouldn't be where we are without our cherished staff, readers, artists, publicists, and countless industry players.

From Alternative to Indie, from documentaries to socio-political insights, V13 Media is the home of authenticity, creativity, and the unapologetically cool. We've been here, we are here, and long story short; we're not going anywhere anytime soon.

Welcome to V13 Media. Feel the vibe, dive into diversity, embrace the unexpected.