Why Most Music Promotion Fails (And How Working With V13 Promotions is Different)

In the music industry, the road to success is littered with broken promises and hidden pitfalls.

You've seen it all: Bots inflating follower counts, pay-to-play schemes, hollow 'guaranteed' press placements, and playlist curators whose only tune is taking your money. Misleading streaming promotions, overpriced distribution, and fake social growth promises have all made the journey seem impossible.

Add to that scammy contacts, payola, exploitative contracts, biased reviews, and one-size-fits-all 'advice' that leads nowhere but to frustration.

It's time to go pro.

At V13 Promotions, we tune into the real you, amplifying your sound with strategies that resonate.

No blind bets. No bots. No BS—just pure, authentic growth.

We're not here to sell you a dream. We're here to work with you to make your dream a reality, step by step. Think of us as the experienced friend in the industry, the one who knows how to navigate its challenges and is ready to guide you through them.

Trust our brilliant team of industry veterans. With 50+ collective years of experience, we have the expertise you need across all the areas you'll need for growth:

  • PR & Publicity
  • Publishing & Press
  • Copywriting & Copyediting
  • Record Labels & Distribution
  • Management & Consulting
  • Social Media & Content Strategy
  • Website Development & SEO
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Music Business Finance & E-Commerce

You can trust us to field any question, tackle any obstacle, and handle all the outreach, so you can focus on what truly matters: leaving a lasting impact and achieving your objectives.

See the success for yourself.

Our videos feature real artists, real results. No fluff, just genuine testimonials from clients who've experienced the V13 Promotions boost firsthand. They made the leap, saw the impact, and now, they're telling their stories. 



Location: Montreal, Quebec
Genre: Hip-Hop/Afro
FFO: Wale, Burna Boy, Dave, J Hus

Check out their Client Page


Ryan Liberty Megan

Location: New Paltz, New York
Alt-Rock, Alt-Country
Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, David Byrne

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Locked In A Vacancy

Location: New York, New York
Genre: Metalcore
FFO: Dying Fetus, The Haunted, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Zao

Check out their Client Page 


Hilary Neloms (Fuzz Therapy Records)

Location: New York, New York
Genres: Punk, Metalcore

Bands: MAAFA, Locked In A Vacancy, None Above All




Detective Frog

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Genre: Garage/Desert Rock
FFO: Queens of the Stone Age, The White Stripes, The Misfits

Check out their Client Page




Jarrid Lee

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Alternative Country
Don Amero, Brett Kissel, Jason Benoit, Prairie States, Charlie Major, Duane Steele, Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan

Check out their Client Page




Location: Brooklyn, New York
Genre: Afro-Progressive Hardcore
FFO: Dag Nasty, Absolution, Bad Brains

Check out their Client Page


That's just a sample of some of the feedback we've received from our artists, writers, and entrepreneurs who are taking the world by storm. And we're helping them to raise the volume.  

Ready to take the first step towards amplifying your career?

First, let's talk.

Unlock your music's potential with a FREE consultation call with us here at V13 Promotions.

No gimmicks. No pressure. Just a real conversation about where your music can go. Learn about our tailored packages, transparent pricing, and how we can help you go pro.

It's your chance to see what working with us could look like, with zero commitment.

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Now we know stepping into a new partnership can bring up a lot of questions and doubts. That's why we've dedicated this section to address your biggest concerns head-on:

"Will this really work for my unique style?"

Every artist's journey is different. That's why our free consultation dives deep into your specific needs and goals, ensuring our strategy aligns perfectly with your musical identity.

"What if I can't afford it?"

Let's talk first. Our consultation is 100% free, with no hidden fees. We'll discuss clear, upfront pricing and flexible options tailored to your budget during our call.

"Is this just another promotion service filled with empty promises?"

We understand skepticism; the industry is crowded with lofty promises. Unlike others, we focus on measurable outcomes and transparent processes. Our client testimonials and case studies speak volumes about the real impact we deliver.

"I'm worried about losing my artistic integrity."

Your music, your rules. We're here to amplify your voice, not change it. Our strategies are designed to enhance your unique sound and vision, ensuring you stay true to yourself while reaching a wider audience.

Remember, our free consultation is designed to address these and any other concerns directly, providing a clear, personalized understanding of how we can support your music journey. 

Helping musicians with honesty, transparency, and integrity is our mission.

At V13 Promotions, we're committed to your success. Our commitment isn't just about delivering services; it's about achieving real results. If you're ever unsatisfied with the direction we're heading, we promise open, honest communication to realign with your goals.

Your breakthrough is our mission.

Trust us to elevate your presence and drive your success forward. We’re here for you… to be heard.